Andrew Nedimyer - Product Designer

Hi! I’m Andrew.

I’m a product designer living and working in Seattle.

  • Shopify / Shop
  • Staff Product Designer
  • 2023-Now

Staff Product Designer owning identity and sign-in on the Shop team at Shopify. I played a key role in the successful rollout of ‘Sign in with Shop,’ and 'Lead capture with Shop'. I was also responsible for shaping the overarching vision for identity and how Shop users show up on a merchants store.

  • Dapper Collectives
  • Product Design Lead
  • 2022-2022

Collectives is the team within Dapper Labs creating the core tooling that will bring DAOs into the mainstream. As the product design lead on the team, I was responsible for creating accessible, empowering tools that will open the gates for people and their audiences to build worlds, tell stories, and share in the rewards. The tools we created will enable value to flow more freely and fairly to the creators and fans that generate it.

  • Amazon Fashion
  • Product Design Lead
  • 2020–2022

During my time at Amazon, I was the product design lead for the Amazon Detail Page, which is the most visited e-commerce page on the internet. Initiatives I’ve led have resulted in +$800MM in revenue and have influenced teams and roadmaps across Amazon. I have also driven the design vision and strategy for product evaluation, brand presence, customer reviews, virtual try-on, and a shoppable feed of lifestyle content. In addition to my design work, I helped facilitate a bi-weekly design share-out with the Amazon Fashion Global Leadership team.

I was also selected to be the sole designer for a confidential project for the Amazon CEO. During the 10 months on the project, I defined and shaped the overall customer experience and product vision.

  • Starbucks
  • Senior Product Designer
  • 2017–2019

As a member of the Starbucks Digital Leadership team, I managed a team of designers responsible for inspiring and educating customers through Starbucks Digital Products. In addition to supervising a team, I led the design of multiple company-wide initiatives, including the redesign of, co-branded partnership with Chase, and the launch of a new rewards program within the Starbucks app and website.

  • Hum Creative
  • Interactive Lead
  • 2014–2017

At Hum, I led the design and development of all web and interactive projects at the studio. Clients included KEXP, Macklemore, Mindy Kaling, Theo Chocolate, Death Cab for Cutie, Juicebox, Skanska, among others. I worked directly with clients to scope projects, set goals and targets, and served as an advocate throughout the lifespan of projects. In addition to client work, I also created and maintained our internal website and online presence.

  • Creative Academy
  • Design Faculty
  • 2012–2017

During my time as a Senior Instructor and mentor, I developed and implemented curriculum for ‘Designing for Web’ and ‘Portfolio Web’ courses. Over the span of 5 years, I taught more than 300 students and provided one-on-one mentorship. In addition to teaching, I regularly advised the college regarding what software, technology, and best practices should be implemented across the entire design program.

  • Camp Doug
  • Co-Founder
  • 2011–2014

As Partner and Co-Founder of a web design and development studio, I held a variety of roles, including UX Designer, Visual Designer, Front-End Developer, and Project Manager. As a small, two-person operation, my work with clients such as T-Mobile, Rachel’s Ginger Beer, RipNDip, Expedia, and Bose required me to take on a huge range of responsibilities.

Personal Projects

  • Pearl.
  • Co-Founder
  • 2023-Now

In 2022, I co-founded a boutique clothing company rooted in skateboarding, called Pearl, along with co-founders Dane Nomellini and Griffin Gass.

  • Grip
  • Co-Founder
  • 2021-2023

I was the co-founder and design lead for Grip, a web3 marketplace for skateboarding.

  • Amateur Hour
  • Co-Founder / DJ
  • 2013–Now

In 2013, fellow designer Alaa Mendili and I decided to embark on a social experiment: become DJ’s and see how far we could take it. We called ourselves Amateur Hour to speak to our approach: not taking ourselves too seriously and valuing the process of learning something new. What we lacked in DJ skills, we made up for with a fun visual identity, dance videos, colorful matching outfits, and hosting memorable events.

We took on each event as an opportunity to elevate the experience and add to the story of this social experiment, from playing atop a floating sauna in the middle of Seattle’s Lake Union, to playing in a roofless dive bar in Mexico during a thunderstorm, to booking the final act of Facebook’s company holiday party, all while having our day jobs at other tech companies.